Greater North Texas Betta Society (GNTBS) - President
International Betta Congress - Programs Chairperson

Dedication: This website was created for my son (a junior betta breeder). He kept asking me over and over again how to do this and how to do that. I started writing notes for him and then I eventually turned those notes into this site. I figured if a child can learn from my experiences, then surely this information will do someone else starting out some good.

About Me: I started breeding Betta 15 years ago and I did so for 5 years. Then I decided to breed something else -- human babies (my children). After discovering on numerous occasions baby milk or oatmeal in the fry tank, jars tipped over and water all over the floor, I realized that Bettas and toddlers don't mix. Therefore, I took a Betta break. In the meantime, I worked on too many hobbies to name. And I also spent time building a network/computer/graphics & web design business with my hubby. However, I just couldn't stay away from Bettas. Once a Betta breeder, always a Betta breeder.

One of my goals with Bettas was to put together an A-Class website loaded with tons of information. Lots of work went into this website. I did all the work involved, including creating the graphics, writing the HTML code, the movies, editing Javascript, writing the text, etc. And of course, it will always be evolving. I've got some Flash Movies, a Forum and some more Interactive stuff in the works. I'm especially proud of the Glossary. I feel this is a much needed resource, as too many beginners are not versed in Bettanese.

I've selected top quality Bettas to build my lines from. You can read about my stock on my "The Starz" page. It's funny, but when I previously bred Bettas it was mostly solid colors. Now it's the rarer patterned Bettas that are calling my name.

With many years of Betta Breeding experience under my belt, hundreds of spawns and raising over 10,000 Bettas, I'm going full throttle with Bettas. I'm always in the process of new spawns. In the meantime as they grow out, take a look at my Glass Bettas page. They're a perfect pairing for any Betta Lover. As you may have guessed, Stained Glass is another hobby of mine.

You might also notice when browsing my website, that all my Bettas have names. My children insist on naming all the Bettas. And they have fun with thinking up the names.


May 2001