Aquarium Plants 101 Renée/Betta Starz
Betta Classifications A listing of Scientifically Classified Betta Species
Betta Facts Donna VanTreese/Colorburst Bettas
Betta Raising by a Kid Katie M/13 year old Betta Breeder
Can Fish Hear, Smell, Taste, See...? Renée/Betta Starz
Choosing Your Aquarium Lighting Robert Paul H/Aquatic Botanic
Continuous Drip System Ken & Wanda Newby, River Bend Bettas
Divided Tank Step-by-Step instructions (with pictures) showing you how to make a tank to house multiple Bettas--- Donna VanTreese/Colorburst Bettas
Halfmoon Lee Teong Keong , Malaysia
Microworms The most popular first foods for Bettas ---Renee/Betta Starz
The Nitrogen Cycle Mike The Fish Guy
Receiving New Bettas (Acclimating) Renée/Betta Starz
Siamese Algae Eaters Renée/Betta Starz
Snails Renée/Betta Starz
Snail Overpopulation Renée/Betta Starz
Vinegar Eels Another first food --- Donna VanTreese/Colorburst Bettas
Water, Water, Water Renée/Betta Starz
What's this Green Stuff? (Algae) Mike The Fish Guy
White Fuzzy Stuff (Fungus) Mike The Fish Guy


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