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Greater North Texas Betta Society (GNTBS) Greater North Texas Betta Society (GNTBS) - Yahoo Betta Club International Betta Congress (IBC)
Brine Shrimp Direct - All your Brine Shrimp needs and Golden Pearls (Fry Food) Aquatic Foods - California Blackworms The Bug Farm - Microworms, Grindal Worms, Vinegar Eels, Daphnia, etc
Orca - Beanie Baby Cases (style 480 is perfect for housing adult Bettas) Plastic Shipping Bags - 4 x 12 (2 mil) Heat Packs - For shipping Bettas in cold weather
That Pet Place - Pet supplies Three Guys Aquatics - For all your Aquatic needs. Box City (Insulated Shipping Boxes) - As seen on my Shipping page.
  Aquatic Botanic - Aquatic Plants for your Aquarium  
Bettas R Us - A highly informative site Betta Talk - A highly informative site Betta Bunnies - Genetics
The Bubblenest - Genetics/Beautiful Pictures Jeff's Bigger Betta Deal - A highly informative site School of Bettas - Genetics
Colorburst Bettas - Bred with TLC BC Bettas - A lady after my own Designer Betta heart Betta Biz - Quality and very interesting Bettas
Angies Betta Aquaria - Marbles and Butterflies and Patterns. Oh My! Betta Cave - 40+ years of Breeding Experience (nuff said)  
Betta Starz Forum Greater North Texas Betta Society Advanced Bettas
Betta Benevolance  
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