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Blue Pastel Grizzled (Sky) &
Green Pastel Grizzled (Lettuce)
bred by Sieg Illig

If you look closely you will see the tiny eggs drop and the male picking them up. Then placing the eggs in the Bubblenest. As the female lays stunned in a trance from the death hug.

Black/Orange x 2
Trick & Treat
bred by Gilbert Limhengco

These are 19 day old Fry. They have already started showing their coloring. The biggest one in the tank is very "Orange". I'm hoping he keeps that color.

Female Breeders
Community Tank

You can see my Mustard Gas (Feng Shui) post-spawning having a "bad hair day". And a couple of Chocolate Marbles (Sahara & Sienna), my other Green Pastel Grizzled (Lettuce) and my Orange/Black "Halloween" (Treat). There are 9 Divas that live in this tank. Two were in the spawning tanks and the other two were hiding from the paparazzi.

Trio Spawning
bred by Sieg Illig

I tried something unconventional. I couldn't get one female to spawn with the male. I added the second and virtually identical sister to the tank. They pretty much just hung out for a a while. No nipping, chasing or fighting of any kind. They've been together a month. Very peaceful, but alas no spawning either.