Select Quality Stock - Well that's exactly what I have done. I have stock from several of the IBC's Champion Breeders: Gilbert Limhengco, Sieg Illig, Mark Milliken and Ann & Darren Park. And I have worked with their stock to develop some of the lines that you see on the following pages.

I'm currently working on my favorite Betta patterns: Marbles & Butterflies. But since I like so many Colors of Bettas, I'm not working on any particular Color at this time. Although, I like the newest colors Purple and Orange. Probably cause they are new .

Lots of things I'm working on. Bettas are ever changing. So keep tuned to this site.

About This Site

This site was created to provide you with all the information that you can possibly need to help you in your breeding efforts. I've tried to think of everything that I can and share it with you. When I get the same questions repeatedly, then a new page pops up that addresses that question. This website is a ongoing work-in-progress. New informational pages are added constantly. It's my way of helping newbies to the hobby.

Now on to the Cast!


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